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Company Support Program

The program is designed to support local small and medium-sized businesses by planning its own projects as well as various national projects that the Design Council Busan is entrusted with. This is in order to add value to the products of these businesses for the creation of growth engines for design-led local industries and to revitalize the local economy through support for the designs of local small and medium-sized businesses with their own outstanding technology and ideas.


Company Support Program

  • To prepare a foundation for general businesses in the Busan area (manufacturing and service industries, etc.) and design specialty businesses to grow together

  • To establish feedback systems in which the results of supported companies go on for the overall benefit of the local economy

  • To provide support for a stable market entry that will happen simultaneously with product launches through a connection with distribution and sales, starting from the product development process

Eligibility for Application and Details

Eligibility for Application
Support is basically provided for Busan-based small and medium-sized businesses and local design specialty businesses, and for those in the Southeast region or across the nation depending on the nature of the program costs.
Details of support
  • Support for start-up businesses
  • Support for social enterprises
  • Support for design development
  • Support for constructing a design foundation and for strengthening design innovation abilities
  • Support for marketing activities
  • Support for nurturing new designers

Program procedure

  • Official announcement of the program

  • Selection and evaluation of assignments

  • Signing of agreements

  • Program implementation and process check

  • Evaluation of results

  • Design(trademark) application and use of the outcome