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「Asia Design Platform Construction Project」 is a driving force in new value creation by developing emerging Asian markets through the expansion of the limited demand for the design industry in connection with the new northern and new southern policies. It operates in a way that strengthens the competitiveness of the local design industry and that expands collaboration channels to enter overseas markets through the effective networking (platform) of design-related human and material resources.

Project Background

  1. The shift of the economic growth axis in the age of the fourth industrial revolution requires a dynamic foundation to create new value for the design industry in the Busan area.
  2. According to the government’s new southern and northern policies, innovative design policies and projects are required for overseas expansion.
  3. It is necessary to have a meeting place where people from all walks of life, including from civil society and business, can work together to revitalize a Busan-Asia exchange in the design area.
  4. A sharing platform for Busan to take the leap into becoming a design hub and expand its local design industry’s overseas markets is required.

Asia Design Platform(ADP) Construction

Project outline

Project name
Asia Design Platform(ADP) Construction Project
Project period
2020(first year) ~ continued
Design Council Busan
Eligibility for application
All design areas produced by related small and medium-sized domestic and Asian design businesses and individuals(designer)
Project details
Asia Design Platform(ADP) construction