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Asia Design Platform

Comprising of six different areas including manpower DB, Design Contest, Busan International Design Award, Design Market, design job search, and design social contribution, users can freely use each needed content.

ADP Organization


Asia Design Platform

  • ADP Pool (human resource)
    Manpower DB construction Designer registration (individuals, companies)
  • ADP Design Contest (Project)
    Online Contest (operational year-round) B2B, B2C, etc. (general, design specialty companies)
  • International Busan Design Award
    Busan International Design Award, formerly Busan Industrial Design Exhibition (contest results and general competition work)
First year establishment
  • ADP Design Market
    Design outcomes(contest and competition results) and Intellectual Property Rights Exchange
  • ADP Designer Job Portal
    Domestic and foreign recruitment and design education exchange
  • ADP Design Sharing
    Social contribution
Second year establishment

Details of ADP establishment

Manpower DB
With a manpower DB including design related experts, the general public and companies, consumers and suppliers can register for and use a variety of content of the platform.
ADP Design Contest
On the platform, design consumers register their desired design and amount of prize money; various suppliers that are registered on the DB(general public, companies, etc) choose their desired projects and submit their design outcomes; and consumers can choose and use the design outcomes they want from those submitted. (Those outcomes are connected to the design award.)
International Busan Design Award
The platform enables the award to grow into a prestigious global award as it is developed through international design industry exchanges, design concept sharing and realization and commercialization of ideas in order to internationalize, diversify, and industrialize the former Busan Industrial Design Exhibition through its value elevation.
ADP Design Market
Design trading platform where individuals and companies can trade their design outcomes, intellectual property rights and design registration rights.
ADP Design Job Portal
As the platform that effectively matches domestic and foreign job offers and job hunters, it is used as a place for job creation and a mutual exchange for design related schools.
ADP Design Sharing
The platform contributes to the spread of the social sharing economy by providing design projects required by consumers including domestic and foreign public interest groups (social enterprises, village enterprises, social and public interest groups and associations) through talent donation by its manpower DB-registered designers and design companies.