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Design Contest
Design contest that can be hosted by anyone
Request designs from designers from around the world.

On the Asia Design Platform, anyone can host a design contest and can quickly get samples from numerous designers from around the world and can choose their favorite design from among them.


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  1. 01contest.procedure.step01
    Explain what design is needed to designers. The necessary information for each category is listed for easy viewing. Give as much detail as possible to get the best design for you.
  2. 02contest.procedure.step02
    Set a prize according to your budget.
    You can set the prize at any amount you want, but the bigger the prize is the more it will attract exceptional designers to your contest.
  3. 03contest.procedure.step03
    Explain to designers what type of design you need.
    Designers will participate in the contest, allowing them to display their competence to the full.
  4. 04contest.procedure.step04
    The Asia Design Platform of the Design Council Busan has a pool of manpower composed of experts from each design area.
    Receive help to select contest winners through consulting with the design experts.
  5. 05contest.procedure.step05
    After the contest period is over, there is a one-week screening period. Choose the best one from a variety of samples.
  6. 06contest.procedure.step06
    Carry out final corrections with designers chosen as winners and have the original file delivered to you.
  7. 07contest.procedure.step07
    After the original file is delivered to you, the contest will be closed within a week.
  8. 08contest.procedure.step08
    When the contest is finally over, the prize money is paid to the designer.

If you found designers you like through a contest, you can work with them on other projects.