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Announcement Summary

  • Name
    2021 International Busan Design Award
  • Organizers
    Busan Metropolitan City, Busan Metropolitan City Office of Education, Design Council Busan
  • Host
    Design Council Busan
  • Sponsors
    Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Busan Foundation for International Cooperation, Busan Ilbo Co., Ltd., Kookje Co., Ltd., Busan MBC, KNN, Busan Federation of Designers, SEDIA, BNK Busan Bank, Design House
  • Period
    2021. 6. 17 (목)  ~  2021. 6. 20 (일)
  • Location
    BEXCO Exhibition Center Ⅱ

Entry Regulations

Entry Regulations
Entry Qualifications Entry Fees
General University student (including graduate school), general public, company

※ Personal entries or maximum 4 designers of joint entries (2 or fewer pieces) accepted
※ For joint entries (less than 4 designers), must designate "one main" and "supporting" designers
※ For joint entries, 1 representative award will be granted per each work (Entries can be issued all submitted members’ application confirmation and award details)

  • University student (including graduate school), general public: Free
  • Company: 100,000KRW per 1 entry piece (pay at entry submission)

※ Series pieces recognized as 1 piece

Student Elementary, middle, or high school students, or students preparing for university entrance Free
Invited/Recommended Designer Limited to Invited/Recommended Designers of the International Busan Design Award.

※ Invited/Recommended Designers of the Busan Industrial Design Exhibitions are included.


Entry Methods

  • Online submission

    2021. 2. 5 (금) ~
    2021. 5. 7 (금)

  • 1st Round Online Judging & Results Announcement

    1st: 2021. 5. 12 (수)
    Announcement : 2021. 5. 17 (월)

  • Offline Submission of Actual Pieces

    2021. 5. 27(Thu) ~
    2021. 5. 31 (월)

  • 2nd Round of Review &
    final results announcement

    Announcement of final results :
    2021. 6. 7 (월)

Online Submission and 1st Round of Judging

  • Submission Period
    2021. 2. 5(Fri) ~ 2021. 5. 7 (금)
  • Submission Office
    Official website of the International Busan Design Award (
  • 1st Round Online Judging
    Expected 2021. 5. 12 (수)
  • Results Announcement
    Expected 2021. 5. 17 (월)

※ Actual pieces of the entries selected in the 1st round of review must be submitted by the specified date for the 2nd round of review offline to determine the winners
(excluded from consideration if actual pieces not submitted)

Offline Submission of Actual Pieces and 2nd Round of Review

  • Submission Period
    2021. 5. 27(Thu) ~ 2021. 5. 31 (월)
  • Submission Office
    Design Council Busan IBDA Secretariat (1F, Exhibition Hall)
  • By Mail
    Design Council Busan IBDA Secretariat, 57 Centumdong-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan

※ Must arrive by the final submission date (not responsible for damaged or lost items)

Entry Restrictions

  • Entries recognized as copies - Record and prize money of winning pieces will be revoked
  • Entries recognized as harmful to the public order and established social morals and manners
  • Entries that do not meet the production standards specified in the guidelines

Entry Categories

Designs in the following categories that motivate the creation and development of industrial design and improve the competitiveness of the products to contribute to related industrial development

  • Communication Design Category
    (Free Theme)

    Overall communication design field for advertisements, graphics, CI, BI, multimedia contents, etc.

  • Product Design and Environmental Design Category
    (Free Theme, including service and public design)

    Overall product design field for consumer goods, industrial goods, etc. and environmental design filed for environmental and public design etc.

  • Craft and Fashion Design Category
    (Free Theme)

    Overall craft design field for metals, ceramics, woodwork, painting and varnishing, textiles, etc. and overall fashion design field for textiles, fashion, accessories, etc.

Entry Standards

Online Entry Standards

Image size A1 (mm: 594mm X 841mm, pixels: 4677 X 6623),
no distinction between length and width, 2 or fewer pages (panels)
Image Resolution and Color Space 200dpi / CMYK
File Format JPG
File name Applicant name_PieceName_ImageNo

Offline Actual Piece Entry Standards

Communication Design
  • Flat Entries: 59㎝×84㎝×5㎜ (size A1) submit foam board (woodrock) (2 or less)
  • 3D Entries: For POP, CIP, packaging designs, display size must be less than 90㎝×90㎝
  • Multimedia Content/Video Entries
    • Submit finished piece in a CD-ROM or USB, less than 20 pages for web design, less than 5 minutes for video design
    • 59㎝×84㎝×5㎜ (size A1) submit foam board (woodrock) (2 or less)
Product and Environmental Design
  • Flat Entries: 59㎝×84㎝×5㎜ (size A1) submit foam board (woodrock) (2 or less)
  • Besides panels, 3D models may be submitted
    ※ However, display size must be less than 90㎝×90㎝×90㎝
Craft and Fashion Design
  • Flat Entries: 59㎝×84㎝×5㎜ (size A1) submit foam board (woodrock) (2 or less)
  • Besides panels, 3D models may be submitted (mannequins may be used but must be prepared by exhibitor)
  • Display size less than 100㎝×100㎝×200㎝
  • Textile Design Flat Entries: Length and width less than 100㎝×100㎝

Entry Judging

Panel of Judges Composition: Members from related domestic and international agencies, and experts in the various fields

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity

    Shows creativity

  • Efficiency

    Functionality for its suited purpose and efficient

  • Proper use of materials

    Efficient and appropriate use of the materials' characteristics

  • Comprehensive aesthetic quality

    Comprehensive shape for aesthetic sense

  • Universal validity

    Presentation of enough materials and has universal validity

  • Compliance with the manufacturing specifications

    Strict compliance with the production regulations of each category

  • Tastes of the consumers

    Meets the tastes of the consumers

Judging and Announcement (scheduled)

Final Round of Judging

2021. 6. 2 (수)

Announcement of Results

2021. 6. 7 (월)

Posted on the International Busan Design Award ( and Design Council Busan ( websites

Awards Ceremony

Date 2021. 6. 17 (목)
Location BEXCO Exhibition Center II

Ceremony Categories [General: Free Theme Category]

(Unit: KRW)

※ Staying expenses will be provided for the Grand, Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners from foreign countries who wish to participate in the ceremony
- 2 days of accommodation fees and meals (appx. USD300)
- Flight fees are not applicable

Ceremony Categories [Student: Free Theme Category]

(Unit: KRW)

※ If a company wins above the Award (from IBDA Grand to IBDA Bronze award), additional points awarded towards applying for a program with Design Council Busan, depending on the number of prize-winning pieces (winning record effective for up to 1 year)
※ Prize-winning pieces from companies granted the right to use the IBDA certification mark
※ Top prize-winning pieces may be exhibited and promoted by Design Council Busan both online and offline
※ Registration of Intellectual Property Right will be supported for Special Award winners upon preference (Registration fee will be supported)

Return of Entries

Return of Exhibitions: 2021. 6. 21(MON)~22(TUE), 10:00~18:00

※ All entries must be returned within the period and entries that are not returned within the deadline will be donated or discarded. (not responsible for damaged or lost items)


Design Council Busan Tel: +82 51 790 1091 / 1092
For other details, refer to the awards guidelines on the website (