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IBDA International Busan Design Award

The Busan International Design Award is an international event developed and based on the former Busan Industrial Design Exhibition. It is used as a forum for sharing various design concepts through international design industry exchanges and restorations. It is Asia’s largest international design award, jointly hosed by Busan Metropolitan City, Busan Metropolitan City Office of Education, Busan Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Design Council Busan, and it is organized by Design Council Busan, to revitalize the design industry in connection with the platform for the realization and commercialization of ideas.

Project Objectives

IBDA Busan International Design Award

  • To improve the regional design industry’s competitiveness in Asian markets and expand collaboration channels.

  • To strengthen the information exchange and the ties between industry and university designers.

  • Exhibition of winners, business connections through the platform and job creation.

Host, organizer and sponsor

  • 부산광역시
  • 부산광역시 교육청
  • 부산디자인진흥원
  • 부산디자인진흥원
  • 산업통상자원부
  • 부산국제교류재단
  • 부산일보
  • 국제신문
  • 부산 MBC
  • KNN
  • 부산디자인단체총연합회
  • BNK 부산은행
  • 디자인하우스