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Judge Recruitment Guide and Application

Please read and agree with the application information below and register the applicant's information.

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  • Verification of expertise and practical skills

    Composition of Judges through Verification of Practical Ability and Specialized knowledge for each entry category

  • Recruitment of experts through open recruitment

    Uploading supporting document and registration available after sign up

  • Online Registration

    Registration of Judges through the website (Registration will be completed after review of supporting document)

  • The registration of the judges will be received via online and registered in the judges' pool once the final approval is made after reviewing the supporting documents, such as applicant’s resume.
  • Among the judges registered in the judges pool, each entry section (communication design, product design, environmental design, craft design, and fashion design) is assigned by automatic selection by the operation committee.
  • Supporting document such as resume, work experience certificate, graduation certificate etc, shall be attached.
  • If any false information supplied, the applicant may be disqualified as a judge.

Application Guide

Judge Application Target
Experts in domestic and overseas design fields
Jury recruitment field
  • Communication Design
  • Product Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Craft Design
  • Fashion Design
Eligibility for Judges
  • Design Expert: Evidence of application field More than 10 years of work experience
  • Professor: above assistant professor or higher(Only for majors in related fields)